About the Association

KBWR Partners Association of Lawyers (hereinafter: “Association”) was formed pursuant to the provisions of Act XI of 1998 on attorneys and Regulation no. 2/2006 (III. 26.) of the Hungarian Bar Association, in the interest promoting the professional and business activities of the law firm members of the Association, as well as representation of their clients at the highest possible standard.

In the framework of the Association, the Kálóczy, Bagi and Wittner Law Firm and the Dr. Rendes Attila Law Firm provide legal services to their clients on the basis of a long-term cooperation agreement.

The Association is also regularly retained by other law firms that wish to utilize the special expertise available at the law firms in the Association. As part of our commitment to high-quality service, we strive to provide legal representation at the highest possible standard, tailored to the specific needs of our clients, in the framework of long- term cooperation arrangements established with our partners possessing special expertise. Such long-term cooperation includes the regular use of services by our partners in the fields of tax and business consultancy, restructuring and credit management.

The Kálóczy and Bagi and Wittner Law Firm was established by Dr. György Kálóczy and Dr. János Zoltán Bagi, former members of the Solt and Partners Law Firm, in the summer of 2007. Dr. Márton Wittner, attorney-at-law, has been working for the law firm since its foundation, and after passing his bar examination, he joined as a partner in February 2011. Dr. Tímea Vincze after passing her bar examination in April 2015, joined the law firm as a partner.

To serve the needs of its clients, mainly Hungarian and foreign small and medium-sized enterprises, as well as multinational companies, the Kálóczy, Bagi and Wittner Law Firm specializes primarily in business and commercial law, labour law and general civil law. The law firm offers high-quality legal services, meeting complex demands and providing custom-tailored legal solutions to its clients, at competitive prices. The members of Kálóczy, Bagi and Wittner Law Firm have extensive experience in serving clients both from Hungary and abroad. Their local expertise is well supplemented by their international experience, which enables them to provide legal services at a standard expected in the international business environment. Specialization in fields of law, as well as the high command of English that the partners and staff members of the Kálóczy, Bagi and Wittner Law Firm possess, enable them to provide their clients with flexible and high-quality legal advice.

The Dr. Rendes Attila Law Firm was established by dr. Attila Rendes in the spring of 2007.

Due to his technical qualification, dr. Attila Rendes attorne-at-law serves his clients in criminal and other offence cases relating to traffic regulations, moreover he represents his clients before insurance companies in traffic related disputes.

According to the technical expertise and the specialization on the field of insurance debates, the law firm offers flexible and customised legal services in compliance with our clients’ demand.