Fees and invoicing

Due to the diverse nature of legal services provided – as well as the rules of ethics applicable to advertising by attorneys-at-law – we shall not publish a detailed fee schedule, but we apply pre-determined fees for the individual types of cases. We are pleased to provide a written fee quotation once we know some details about the case at hand.

We strive to create long-term business cooperation with our clients. We pay special attention to ensure that the remuneration of our legal services always shall be transparent to our clients.

To ensure this we render detailed time sheets for our client monthly which include information on the working hours spent on each activity and the related costs and expenses.

We ensure the opportunity to consult on the content of the services provided in the given month.

Concerning our legal fees, we primarily apply an hourly fee-based retainer with fee categories determined upon prior consultation and in agreement with our clients. In case of individual retainers, it is also possible to agree on a maximum amount of the legal fees or a contingent fee (success fee).